The Key Spaces of Staging a Home

Put most of your attention to the areas of your home that your potential buyers want to see the most.

1. Main Bedroom

Potential buyers want to see the bedroom clean and inviting.
For this room it’s very important that any potential buyer be able to imagine themselves at home, completely comfortable in this space. Ensure no personal items are shown, and tone down on themes. Brighten the space with unique lamps or sconces.

2. Bathroom

Bathroom cleanliness is a must!
Cleanliness is key! Show how easy it is to maintain that and take time to ensure all faucets are working great, looking spotless and inviting. Few decor items work best. Go for natural tones, greens and subtle tones.

3. Living Area

The living area must feel welcoming and comfortable.
This space should be welcoming and pleasant to be in. It’s where comfort and conversation come to meet. Keep decor items minimal but bold to draw attention to what can be done with the area itself. Add some throw cushions and blankets in to rank up on coziness points.

4. Kitchen

Kitchens are one of the top desired-to-inspect locations of a potential home.
The room that may require updates and little add-ons to be shown at it’s best. Worth every penny! Keep it simple but fun in the kitchen – great lighting, as spacious as possible, showcase those countertops and table area. Ensure all windows are spotless to take in the view.

5. Doorway

First impressions do last!
The entry is the first thing potential homebuyers see inside of a home and the last thing they see as they leave. Make it memorable! Cleanliness is also important here, keep the decor and functionality simple.

Ensure all areas are well-lit, clean and with purpose to get the most out of each space. The goal is to create for your buyers the idea that memories are to be made in your home!

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