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Dump Trailer


1. You give us the address and desired trailer placement.
2. We deliver on date scheduled
3. You fill (we have a few rules and tips on how to fill)
4. We hook up and haul away.

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Dump Trailer (3)


$450 this includes the 4 step process. Additional restricted items will be billed individually.

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How much can I get into the dump trailer?

•7’x16’ fill 3-4’ high = 15-17 yards
•5 ton household waste load limit

Is there a specific way we should load the trailer?

•Load heavy items in the back. The better you load the more you can fit.
•Load must make it to the landfill without intervention.
• We will cover/tarp upon departure

Are there any additional fees for hazardous items?

We ask all hazardous items be set aside for seperate disposal. We will find them if you try to bury within the trailer under other debris, please be honest!

What are the fees for the restricted or special requirement items?

Check out a complete list HERE.
Fee schedule HERE.

What areas do you service?

We service Northern Colorado. Call us 970.305.7979 today with your address to see specific service areas!

Other local disposal resources: https://www.larimer.gov/solidwaste/disposal/a-z