What areas do you service?

We typically serve clients in Northern Colorado. Call us or drop us a note on our contact page with your property location to see if we service your area!

How much do you charge for your services?

All our services are priced to the specific project. Contact us for a custom proposal and accurate pricing information for your project.

What is the cost to stage my home?

The cost of our vacant staging will vary from home to home. We base our prices on number of rooms to be staged. Contact us for a custom proposal and accurate pricing information for your project.

Why should I stage with HomeSpun Staging + Design?

Our ideal staging clients are ready and eager to prepare their homes for the market. Our inventory consists of tasteful, neutral, contemporary furnishings, with a range of accessories, art, and soft goods to fit the specific stylistic needs of your home. Our staging team has an exquisite eye for design trends to appeal to today’s buyers. We take exceptional pride in our work and our clients’ experiences.

How much notification do you need for a staging?

Our business fluctuates throughout the year with the real estate market – with spring, summer, and fall being our busiest seasons. Earlier the better, to help us accommodate your properties furniture needs. On occasion we have last minute availability, however, at least 1-2 weeks ahead of listing is an ideal time frame to reach out.

Can I schedule photos that same day as the staging?

We do ask for the day to be set aside for staging and any photography or video be scheduled for the following day or after. This gives our team the flexibility for the unexpected. We often encounter heavy traffic, inclement weather or an inventory mistake, hey we’re human! What is your process for pricing my vacant staging project? We can usually provide a proposal for your staging project after a quick conversation or note to gather information for your property. We request the property address, previous or current photos, your contact information, and the requested staging date. Our proposals are sent via email and are very user-friendly for acceptance!

What is your process for pricing my design or occupied staging project?

We will gather some general information for your specific project and populate a customized proposal. No two design or occupied projects are the same therefore the price changes each and every time!

Can I select the furniture that you will use in my stage?

Due to fluctuating availability of our inventory items daily, agents/sellers cannot pre-select or reserve the furnishings to be used in their staging project. We suggest that potential sellers/agents review our portfolio to gain an understanding of our design aesthetic and view our work.

What do I need to do to prepare for a vacant staging?

We ask that all work or repairs by painters, electricians, etc. is completed and that the property is professionally cleaned at least one day prior to our scheduled staging date. Electricity and plumbing must be functional, and we do request heat or AC on while the property is staged. We require that the property is accessible upon our arrival via lockbox with key, door code, garage code, etc. and all codes must be provided prior to the scheduled installation date. During winter months, please provide snow removal and deicing on exterior walkways for our safety.

How long does my property stay staged?

At this time, our contract length is 30 days with the option to roll over into a prorated month-to-month if needed. We will reach out via email/text once the property is under contract to schedule the destaging. We love when the agent/homeowner reaches out to us first to notify us of the under-contract status. We typically remove furnishings within 7 days of closing day to ensure Financial Commitment from the buyer is finalized. In all cases, we ask for 10 days minimum notice for furnishings removal for scheduling purposes.

Do you need someone onsite during the installation?

We request no one be onsite during the installation time. Staging is a complex process and having clear paths and no distractions helps us achieve our best work! Having others onsite during the process poses potential for accidents. For these reasons, we ask no one be onsite during our scheduled staging time. To be honest, the final reveal is always more exciting when the project is fully complete!

Do you help set up short term rentals?

Yes, whether you’re furnishing or styling a vacation or executive rental, or any furnished space we have the design expertise to bring your vision to life, LET’S CHAT!

Do you charge extra to remove the furniture from a property?

We call this portion of the service the destage. No, all expenses involved with a vacant or occupied staging is estimated in the proposal. The only time there would be an additional fee is if the staging stayed in the property longer than the initial 30-day agreement or damage to our inventory occurred.

What are your typical service boundaries?

We service Wellington to Longmont and West Fort Collins to East Greeley without applying any additional zone fees or charges.

Do you tell funny jokes?

When someone asks us what we bring to the table, we bring the whole damn table!

Still have questions? Please call us at 970-305-7979, email us at homespunsd@gmail.com or click the button below to fill out our online form!