Seasonal Decorating and selling your property.

Now that October is over and Holiday décor is everywhere we wanted to address seasonal decorating when you are going to be selling your home.  The answer is unpopular but has to be stated; if you plan to list or currently have a property on the market DO NOT decorate.  There are many reasons as to why holiday decorations are a no-no when you are putting your house on the market, and we want to talk about a few reasons it could cost you in the end. 

We know if you are currently living in a space not decorating for special occasions can be difficult.  We understand people like to make a residence their own and that includes decorating to celebrate special days/occasions but especially with market shifts, like we are currently seeing, you want to be sure to avoid holiday decorating.  Thus ensuring you have the best chance to move your property quickly and for the best price. Others may breath a sigh of relief to hear they don’t need to consider adding to an already long seasonal to-do list. Saving time dragging out all the boxes, untangling lights and all other busy work that goes into holiday preparations when you can focus on other priorities.

First off, decorating for any occasion can cause any photos taken during the time to date your listing. And no one wants to pay to have photos retaken due to a few holiday decorations.  We don’t want the first thing buyers notice when they view a property to be the holiday décor. When buys see photos like this they think, how long has this property has been on the market?, causing immediate thoughts/concerns of is there something wrong with this property that it is not selling. It can often cause buyers to come in with offers lower than asking price due to the appearance that it has been on the market for a longer period of time and the sellers maybe willing to take any offer.

Here is an example of how natural element of a home, like the beautiful windows, could be drown out by holiday décor.

Adding any seasonal décor distracts from the natural features of any property or home.  We want to highlight the natural features of any residence not hide them. This helps the buyers see how they can utilize the property and make them want to put in an offer before someone else is able to.  And, finally, seasonal décor can turn off buyers who do not share similar traditions and make them immediately associate negatively towards a property and want to move on to the next listing, sometimes without even seeing a property in person. We also know even if you don’t decorate those holiday cards are going to show up in the mail. Please, don’t hang them on the fridge or display them; if you don’t toss them after reading do yourself a favor and purchase this nifty greeting card organizer to keep them out of sight.

When we talk of selling any property the goal is to sell quickly and for top market value. So please, heed our advice and do not decorate if you are listing.  Save yourself time and spend your money on updates, a new coat of paint, or call us to schedule a consultation, all of which can make you money in the long run and help move your property as quickly as possible.

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