Decluttering Tips, especially when selling.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in your space?  Well, you are not alone, studies have found direct correlation of increased stress levels due to amount of clutter.  We want to highlight some ways to help you “destress” by decluttering your space.  If you are selling, you will want to ensure your property is decluttered BEFORE putting it on the market.  What exactly is decluttering and how can you do it effectively?  

Nothing says spring like a deep cleaning & decluttering.

Decluttering is the process of getting rid of items you no longer need or use.  Disposing of unwanted/unused or expired items, recycling items to be repurposed, or donating items so that they may benefit another.  This process not only helps you to destress but may also benefit others.  WIN WIN!  If you are selling, decluttering creates a more spacious and inviting property for potential buyers, ensuring you get top dollar for your listing.  It also makes moving easier on you, as there will be less to move and unpack, saving you time and money.  Check out our LTKit page for great moving supplies.  

Knowing what to keep and what to toss.

The first step is to stop procrastinating and start!  Make a list of what items you use daily and cannot live without, from there go through each room add any items to the must keep list.  Be honest with yourself, will you use the item or can you part with it.   Once you have decided what to keep all other items can be organized into categories: throw away, recycle, donate and storage.  Begin by throw out expired, broken, or damaged items that are no longer of use.  Home Spun now offers disposal services, contact us for more information!  Recycle and donate anything that is in good condition but that you don’t need or want to a local charity or thrift store and store all heirlooms/family valuables.  PLEASE note, storage items need to be organized and keep out of site, off property, if possible, if you are selling.  To being, go through each room and sort your belongings into the four categories.  For example, a living room many need to store the sofa, donate a side table, recycle a lamp, and dispose of the rug.  This makes thing easier when decluttering.  

Decluttering allows potential buyers to see themselves in the space.

Specific decluttering for selling

Start decluttering your home as soon as you know you will be selling it.  This gives you plenty of time to go through all your belonging and get rid of anything you don’t need or want.  This will save you time and money when moving.  It also allows you to take your time packing and organizing the items you do want to keep and move.  Removing all personal items and decorations is one of the most important steps to decluttering your home for listing.  This includes all family photos, children’s artwork, knick-knacks and anything that makes the house fell like yours and not a potential buyers.  Once you declutter the space will feel larger and potential buyers will be able to see themselves in the property, seeing others personal items can make that difficult.  In each room focus on creating key focal points so a space does not look too busy. 

Decluttered spaces feel more spacious.

In conclusion

By understanding the basics of decluttering, what to keep and what to get rid of, you can make the process less overwhelming.  Once you have decluttered all your spaces ensure you screen incoming items to keep the order you have created.  When moving make a to-do list including decluttering, deep cleaning, painting, minor repairs, packing, transferring utilities and changing your address.  Prioritize your to do list!  

Whether it be with a small start or setting aside an entire day to put on your favorite music, deep clean, and purge your space, as they say….”just do it”.  If tackling your entire space gives you anxiety simply pick a room and clean one surface, make it an area you use daily and commit to keeping it clean.  Keep cleaning a surface at a time until you’ve cleaned every room.  Selling your home can be a stressful process, but decluttering and consulting the professionals can help make it a little easier.  Following these simple steps, you can ensure that your home looks its best when potential buyers come for a visit. By staying organized throughout the selling process, you can make the whole experience a little less chaotic.