Cleaning up after the Holidays, Sustainably.

The holiday season brings joyous get togethers and festivities. It also generates a significant amount of waste. From Christmas trees, to lights, wrapping, and decorations, the aftermath of the festivities can have a have us asking what to do with all the waste (because the bin is already full).  Adopting sustainable practices for recycling and disposing of curtain items can minimize our ecological footprint.

When getting a live tree ensure its sustainably sourced.

Recycling Christmas Trees

Mulching and Composting are the best ways to dispose of live trees.  Christmas trees can be chipped into mulch and used for landscaping and gardening. Composting your tree to create nutrient rich soil additives is also a great choice. Always remember to remove EVERYTHING lights, wire, hooks, ordainments, and tinsel from the tree!  If mulching and composting are not your choice many municipalities offer curbside collection programs.  Residents can check with their local waste management authorities for specific guidelines and pick up schedules.  Often fees do apply to recycle a tree.  

Tree-cycling events are organized in various communities, residents can drop off their trees for recycling.  These events often involve chipping the trees on-site or transporting them to recycling facilities.  In our hometown trees are collected for a burning of the greens; the event is done at a winter games activity. The entire community and visitors come out to enjoy the huge bonfire.  With supervision from the local Fire department and proper clean up after of course! 

If you are looking to dispose of an artificial tree in good condition, contact local thrift stores in your area.  Remember to always call before lugging the tree in, to ensure they will take it.  If donating is not an option for your loved artificial tree see our website links below on how to dispose of.  

Once you have sustainably disposed of holiday decor you can reset for a clean cozy winter feel!

Disposing of Christmas Lights

Recycling is a great alternative to just throwing lights away.  Some recycling centers accept Christmas lights for recycling.  These programs ensure that the valuable materials, such as copper and plastic, are recovered and reused.  Donating used lights is a great option for working lights you no longer want.  Current online platforms provide opportunities to sell or donate unwanted lights with others.  If recycling options are not available, lights should be disposed of in accordance with local regulations.  Avoid throwing them in regular trash bins, as they can pose a hazard to waste management workers and the environment.

Decorations and wrapping paper

We love fresh sustainable greenery paired with reusable decorations for holidays.  Opt for reusable decorations when possible made from durable materials, such as glass, metal, or fabric.  These decorations can be used year after year, reducing the need for constant replacements.  Get creative and repurpose old decorations into new items or crafts (example: old/broken glass bulbs can be turned into a mosaic garden stepping stone gift, old pinecones can be a new kids craft).  This not only reduces waste but also adds a personal touch to your holiday décor and possibly new family traditions.

We want to be sure not to confuse you, if items are dated with no high sentimental value and cannot be reused please dispose of items as to not collect unwanted clutter! Old ornaments or décor that is still in good condition can be donated to local thrift stores or community centers.  And just like the lights online platforms provide opportunities to sell or exchange decorations with others.

Wrapping paper is by far one of the largest waste items when it comes to holidays. Remember to choose paper that can be recycled! Often times a large garbage bag comes out to clean up after family unwrapping events, but remember to separate and recycle what you can. Remove bows that have wire or giltter/foil wrapping paper as these items can not be recycled. Recycling needs to be free in the bin so do not bag; rather put wrapping paper in a cardboard box that can also be recycled! Check out our gift wrap guide with some of our favorite recyclable paper here.

Recycling Center Website Round Up:

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Now that you have done your part sit back and relax into the new year feeling great.


Remember by adopting sustainable practices for recycling and disposing of Christmas trees, lights, and decorations, we can make a positive impact.  From mulching and composting Christmas trees, to participating in tree-cycling events, there are numerous options available to ensure that these unwanted items are repurposed, recycled, or disposed of properly.  Embrace these practices and spread awareness about the importance of responsible waste management.  Together, we can make a difference and create a greener future for generations to come and some new family traditions along the way.

If you are in need of larger load waste disposal don’t forget to give us a call or contact us via website!  We drop off the trailer you fill, and we will take care of the rest for an easy solution to clean up after the holidays.

Our large load disposal trail is easy to load.