5 Master Bedroom Staging Tips

November 7, 2019


It doesn’t take a lot of work to ensure your bedroom is buyer ready; however, it does take attention to detail! It’s just a matter of making it a welcoming atmosphere in which the buyer can imagine themselves walking into as a space they can unwind at the end of the day. Bedroom staging is all about creating feelings of relaxation, elegance and serenity and with these simple yet effective tips, evoking these feelings from potential buyers should be easier than you think!


Staged bedrooms should have the necessities: a bed, bedside tables, a dresser and light touches of decor throughout – think curtains, lamps, a full-length mirror, and a plant. Everything else can be stored away during this period, such as televisions, photographs and any other memorabilia that won’t resonate with the buyer as they walk into the room!

2)Gender Neutral Decor

Once decluttered, it’s important to look at the bedroom through a gender-neutral lens. Keep in mind that the master bedroom could occupy anyone and the point is to make the space attractive to anyone who walks into the room. Aim to keep the space elegant and neutral in color!

3)Bed Linens

Following the gender-neutral rule – crisp, white bed linens are the easiest way to stay even keel when appealing to all. Plus, a hotel-approved linen choice will visually appeal to the buyer’s eye and will effortlessly uplift the space!

4)Let There Be Light

Just like having white bed linens appeal to the buyer’s eye, drawing the curtains and letting the sunlight shine in gives a warm feel to any bedroom. Plus, what we would argue is one of the most effective tips, is also easy and inexpensive to achieve!

5)Clean Thoroughly

As important as natural light and bright whites can be in a master bedroom, it’s equally, if not as important to have a clean and spotless room before any potential buyer steps in! There’s nothing quite like opening up the blinds to realize there are specks of dust over everything. Once you’ve mastered the first 4 steps, make your focus on ensuring the room is buyer ready by thoroughly cleaning the room!